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You want to put a dent in the world, but you know you’ll only get so far on that journey alone. That’s what Social Venture Partners Waterloo Region is for.

Become an SVP Partner Member

It starts with you. We can’t define the change you’re searching for, but we will help you achieve it. We’ll connect you to the people and organizations that share your passion, and together we will amplify your impact.

How It Works

SVP Partners commit to making an annual contribution (eligible for a tax credit) at one of the following levels:

  • Partner – $5,000. This is SVPWR’s basic contribution level and entitles the household* to be SVP Partners
  • Associate Partner – $2,500. Households* which are 35 years old or younger have the option of contributing at the Associate Partner level
  • Sponsoring Partner – $10,000. Sponsoring Partners have the ability to nominate one additional household for SVPWR Partnership

*Households are defined as individuals with a significant personal relationship (spouses, business partners, siblings, parents/child, etc.)

At SVPWR, we recognize that a strong, impactful network depends on diverse perspectives, and that our contribution levels can limit that diversity. That is why we:

  • offer the flexibility for Partners to make their contribution in monthly, semi-annual, or quarterly payments.
  • can provide more information for employers who may wish to sponsor or match Partner contributions
  • accept stocks and bonds in lieu of cash payments

Partner donations are pooled to fund the local charities SVPWR supports as well as our programs and network growth. These contributions are stretched further by those who volunteer their time and skills to strengthen our investees, SVPWR, and the Waterloo Region community at large.

Partner roles are very flexible. Some Partners use SVPWR as a way to make a highly leveraged charitable donation; some become actively engaged with our investee charities, and others take advantage of our education sessions and peer networking opportunities.

Become a Partner Member

SVPWR welcomes everyone who wishes to support nonprofits in our community and network with like minded community members.

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Current Partners who wish to renew their membership.

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