Become an SVP Partner

You want to put a dent in the world, but you know you’ll only get so far on that journey alone. That’s what Social Venture Partners Waterloo Region is for. 

Become an SVP Partner Member

It starts with you. We can’t define the change you’re searching for, but we will help you achieve it. We’ll connect you to the people and organizations that share your passion, and together we will amplify your impact.

How It Works

You’re in the right place if: 

  • You want to give back to charities in the Waterloo Region but don’t know how or where to start 
  • You are looking for hands-on skills-based volunteer opportunities
  • You have spent hours researching charities to donate to because you want to ensure you’re actually having the greatest impact 
  • You want to meet like-minded people who care about making their community better
  • You’re able to make an annual financial donation at an amount that’s significant to you.* 

*The average annual Partner donation is $5,000. We offer flexible payment plans and welcome new members who are able to donate their skills in time if money is a barrier. Let’s chat! 

Become a Partner Member

SVPWR welcomes everyone who wishes to support nonprofits in our community and network with like minded community members.

Renew my Partnership

Current Partners who wish to renew their membership.