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Daniel Hussey

Daniel is the Owner and Managing Partner at Hussey Philanthropic Consulting (formerly Wayne Hussey Consulting Inc.), a second-generation family firm that is passionately committed to empowering philanthropy. Hussey Philanthropic Consulting specializes in helping charities with strategic planning, fundraising campaigns, and the execution of both to achieve their transformational vision.

Daniel is currently the lead consultant on an $80M campaign, which has successfully raised over $55M in less than four years. Daniel is on the development committee for House of Friendship, the community granting committee for the KW Community Foundation, a strategic advisor to Kind Canada, and multiple social entrepreneur start-up companies.

Outside of the world of philanthropy, Daniel loves to be outdoors with his partner Juliet and their dog Winnie; hiking, biking, rock climbing, running, and camping are at the top of their list.