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SVP Knowledge Bite – Charitable Status Unveiled: Navigating the CRA Process

Join us on January 25th as we welcome Gwenyth Stadig, a seasoned lawyer specializing in not-for-profit and charity law. Gwenyth will guide participants through the intricacies of attaining charitable status with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Explore the advantages of achieving charitable status and gain insights into why a not-for-profit entity might opt to remain as such.

Delve into the legal and financial dimensions of the charitable status process with Gwenyth, as she sheds light on the obligations involved. Additionally, be sure to stay tuned for an upcoming winter session where SVP will present ‘Financial 101 Knowledge Bite,’ offering comprehensive insights into CRA expectations. Join us for an empowering session that navigates the complexities of not-for-profit and charity compliance.


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